Fundamentals of Driving

In response to customer requests for additional instruction, while continuing to keep our costs low, the Bmarc School of Driving has developed a one-of-a-kind Fundamentals of Driving course.  Using state certified instructors, we have designed a fun, informative four-hour class where participants will be driving golf carts on a specially designed driving course, conveniently located in Jefferson Hills Borough.  Students will also learn the following: 
  • How to read an owner’s manual and understanding what they read, thereby removing any confusion.
  • Using the drivers’ education vehicle, students will learn how to find the spare tire, jack, and change a flat tire the safe way – no matter the student’s size or gender.
  • Students will begin to learn the rules of the road.  They will be able to safely navigate between other drivers (in golf carts) on the designated driving course.  
  • Students will learn how to hold their lane, depth perception and field acuity.  (Remember the farther you look, the wider you see, but you see everything back to you.)
  • Students will learn proper lane changing techniques and parallel parking procedures (time permitting.)
This class is open to students beginning at age 14 and above.  Licensed drivers of any age are also encouraged to enroll in this valuable training class.

The cost per student for the four (4) hours is $100.00.  Anyone taking the Bmarc School of Driving six (6) hour class will be given a $5.00 credit, per lesson, if they take the fundamentals of driving.  

The fact of the matter is, most parents I’ve talked with will tell me that they only look at their owner’s manual when an event happens.  Others tell me they have roadside assistance if something goes wrong.  Again, these programs are great, until your son or daughter are 100 miles away, stranded on a highway and the only way you can help is a cell phone.  Maybe it’s time to go back and teach the basics as our parents did for us.  Simple techniques, such as reading the owner’s manual or reviewing the vehicle’s controls, will make our young drivers more prepared, and safer to accept the challenges of driving on the highways of the Commonwealth.  

Brian M. Marchetti