Course Costs



Driving Lesson: $70 per-hour                   
Driver Examination @ DMV: $150
Driver Examination Re-test @ DMV: $130 
On-Line Theory Course (Credit Card only) – This course is accredited through the state of Pennsylvania, and students who qualify through their school district must take this course to have the option to take their drivers exam by Bruce Marchetti rather than through the DMV.  All other students may take this course to receive a certificate that will allow you to obtain a discount if given by your car insurance carrier.: $125


Online Drivers Course

Payment will be accepted by Major Credit Card in the amount designated below. Enrollment in the BMARC School of Driving online course does not give the student permission to download course materials and distribute to students not enrolled in the theory course.

Payment in full is expected prior to starting the on-line course. Prices may change during the 2018/2020 school year.

Students are given (90) days to complete the course. Final examinations will be given throughout the year administered by one of our instructors. Test and times will be set up with the students. 

A certificate will be issued by the BMARC School of Driving upon completion of the course requiring a passing grade of 75% or better. The BMARC School of Driving is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Pennsylvania Bureau of Driver Licensing. 

Students taking driving lessons from a different driving school will need to have a certified driving instructor proctor the written test which will then be submitted to BMARC School of Driving for correction. There is a $20 administration fee for the driving school instructor administering the test. Students will be contacted by e-mail concerning their grade.  

Online Theory Course - $125.00

Any students testing during a class period will not be charged a test fee.

Practical Driving Course Six (6) Hours

Payment can be made per lesson by personal check or cash. Payment for the lesson is expected after each session.

Practical Driving - $70.00 per hour.

Optional – Students and parents may request the instructor take the student for the drivers test.
          Drivers Test $150.00
          Drivers Re-test $130.00