Student Exam Options

End of Course Skills Test

Student Exam Options: End of Course Skills Test

All students who have completed the six (6) hours of driving lessons have the option for an additional fee of $150.00 to have their instructor take them to their driver’s exam with the DMV.  If a student decides to use this option, they must take their driver’s examination in the driver’s education vehicle and go to one of the three local DMV locations: Belle Vernon, Bridgeville, or Washington, PA.  Please note, all students will be registered with their closest DMV location.

Welcome Parents and Students to the Bmarc School of Driving “End-of-Course Skills Test”. This unique course allows students to test with the BMARC School of Driving.

End of Course Skills Test” (EOCST) is available to students currently enrolled in the West Jefferson Hills  and Baldwin-Whitehall School Districts. 
  • Theory classes are offered on-line to students and can begin at age 15.  A Pennsylvania state learner’s permit is not required to take the theory course. On-line course cost $125.
  • Students may choose to take six (6) hours behind-the-wheel instruction separately.  Behind-the-wheel lessons are scheduled individually by the instructors.  Students must obtain a Pennsylvania state learner’s permit prior to beginning any behind-the-wheel instruction (16 years of age.) 
  • Both the theory and behind-the-wheel instruction can be taken separately.
  • Only current high school students enrolled in the above school districts can participate in our “30+6” program. The “30+6” program eliminates making an appointment at a driver’s licensing center to take the driver’s test. All other students will be taken to the DMV for testing.  At this time, all End-of-Course Skills Testing will be administered by Bruce Marchetti.  The BMARC School of Driving is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and The Pennsylvania Bureau of Driver Licensing to administer the “EOCST”.  Participating students must complete the thirty (30) hours instruction and six (6) hours behind-the-wheel instruction prior to testing.  Students meeting all requirements and skill levels, needing to take the driver’s exam, will be tested at no charge.  All eligibility requirements by the PA driver’s licensing centers apply.  
  • Complete driver’s licensing requirements can be found at  
  • Parental authorization is required.